An award-winning, innovative project, aimed at helping elite-level swimmers improve their swim times by giving them a more in-depth look at their swims. Swimmers wear an Apple Watch, press record, and the data from the device is analysed, processed and displayed on a iPad or iPhone.

Members of Shiverware worked closely for all research related to Swimlytics.


2018 Award of Innovation from Innovation Saskatchewan - Members of Shiverware were part of the team that won the 2018 Award of Innovation from Innovation Saskatchewan for the project titled “Digital technology for sensor-based motion tracking in sport performance and health.”

"Mr. Brett Park represented Shiverware, the team’s commercial partner. Shiverware, an Innovation Place tenant in Regina, provided the necessary expertise to transform a research project into a commercially viable technology." - Innovation Place Awards

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Technical Overview

Swimlytics utilizes a large number of data analysis technologies to achieve its vision. Data collection is performed on an Apple Watch. The data is then synced to an Apple iPad or iPhone, which, in turn, uploads this data to a server. Using signal processing and machine learning algorithms on a large number of data points, the server calculates a list of key metrics. The results are then piped back into the interface of the app to allow a swimmer to see a highly detailed data view of their swim.

    Listed below are a handful of the metrics Swimlytics calculates:

  • Stroke Rate: The average strokes per minute per lap.

  • Stroke Consistency Index: The stroke-to-stroke pattern consistency, where 1.0 represents a perfectly consistent stroke.

  • Velocity: The swimmer's estimated speed while swimming.

  • Phase Pull Percent: The proportional amount of time spent in each stroke phase.

  • And many more...

Coaches and high performance athletes alike can view these metrics via the app to make a more informed assessment of improvements that can made in a swimmer's technique.