Here at Shiverware Mobile & IoT Solutions, we are passionate about Internet-of-Things design and infrastructure. We have significant experience consulting and helping clients work through their IoT problems. Quality is very important to us at Shiverware. We employ industry-standard practices to ensure a high-quality product. We use tools such as JIRA by Atlassian, which is a software development tool used by agile teams, to track and schedule stories, tasks, bugs, and other work.

The first step in planning your IoT system is to determine where the potential value of your IoT device is. Is there a reason that your system needs to be internet-connected? Is it necessary for the device to be controlled remotely? Are there any other systems that already do this? We will work with you to help answer these and other very important questions.

We will then move on to create the initial infrastructure design of your IoT system. This means creating a high-level plan of your system. How will we connect with the sensors and nodes? Will we access to the system via an Android or iOS app, or a web interface? Through our work with IoT hardware vendors like Electric Imp and Arduino, we can help you decide what kind of device is best for your use case.

We can then help you determine what the best way to manage your data is. Whether it be Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or IBM Cloud, we draw from our experience to determine what is most suitable for your scenario.


We help organizations succeed by leveraging mobile platform tools and internet-connected devices for their business processes. Our work for our international and close-to-home clients include:

  • * Electric Imp, an Internet-of-Things company based in California: We provide ongoing iOS application support and development for this company's secure platform for connecting devices with cloud computing resources. We also maintain their iOS and JavaScript SDKs.

  • * Eaton, a global leader in power management solutions: Our mobile application helps installers connect internet-enabled devices to a larger network via an intermediary NoSQL database to later be monitored through a web interface.

  • * Uponor, a company specializing in plumbing, radiant heating and cooling, and local heat distribution and infrastructure: We helped plan a system of internet-connected thermostats installed, controlled, and monitored with the help of a potential iOS application with a revolutionary UI/UX design.

  • * We have also developed custom mobile applications and hardware solutions for a variety of other companies including RANA Respiratory Care Group, Cybex International, and the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region.

Would your business benefit from an IoT system? With our considerable experience in IoT infrastructure and UI/UX design, we are confident Shiverware can help bring value to your product or service offerings.

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