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The metronome that talks to you! - it uses a spoken count instead of ticks or clicks that makes it easy to follow along and keep track of where you are in the bar. Choose a voice, a time signature and a tempo, and you're ready to go. You can add sub-beats, a count-in and more! This app is great for music teachers, choreographers, dance instructors and cheerleading coaches by saving your voice from the repetitive and exhausting "five, six, seven, eight"! SpeakBeat Metronome will allow you to focus on the material, rather than keeping the beat.

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Massive Update

Thank you to all current users of SpeakBeat Metronome, you've made it what it is today. We've been working hard on this new update and we're pleased to bring you these amazing new features:

  • A massive user interface refresh to make the experience better for you!
  • A revamped audio engine that will make the metronome count better than ever before!
  • New time signatures! The app now supports 9, 10, and 11 time.
  • A modern light and dark theme!
  • Revised interface makes mixed-meter easier than ever.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
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About SpeakBeat Metronome


  • Kids and Adults Love it
  • Multiple Voices
  • Revolutionary Spoken Count
  • Save Your Voice
  • No More Ticks!
  • Audible Count in
  • Time Delayed Start

Who it's for

  • Music Teachers
  • Music Students
  • Dancers & Dance Instructors
  • Cheerleaders & Cheer Coaches/Choreographers
  • Piano Players
  • Guitar Players
  • Drummers
  • Anyone who needs to keep time

There are plenty of metronomes on the app store, and for replacing a traditional metronome, these are fine - clicking and ticking away at the edge of your attention. but when it's critical that you or your students know where you are in the bar, counting out loud is more effective, especially for more complex meters and rhythms. Music teachers, composers, dance coaches, choreographers and cheerleaders all know: counting out loud is the way to go.

But when practicing by yourself, counting time can be very difficult when concentrating on notes or steps. Having a teacher or coach count time for you is fine, but when they need to call instructions or directions, they need to stop counting, so their instructions need to be in time as well. Plus, it's boring and exhausting to count "one two three four" all day long.

So why not let your phone do the counting for you? Introducing SpeakBeat Metronome: the vocal metronome! Fully customizable and programmable, with a many voices to choose from, SpeakBeat Metronome will count "5-6-7-8" all day long, never getting tired and never missing a beat.

SpeakBeat Metronome allows you to choose one of a set of studio-recorded high quality voices; choose any tempo using a dial or by tapping out a beats-per-minute; set a time signature, sub-beats, starting delay, and a fully-customizable count-in, either counting up ("five-six-seven-eight") or down ("three-two-one").


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